The IEA confirms that renewable energies would reduce energy bills

The International Energy Agency or IEA, confirms the results of CMES studies. Making the energetic transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy would save up to $ 71 trillion ( ) to the world economy until 2050.
This organization’s members are the governments of 29 countries (mainly Europe , USA , Japan and South Korea) . It was founded after the oil crises of 1973. Its mission is ensure the cheap and regular supply of energie to its members.
Regularly publishes studies related to energy, and in its latest publication has confirmed the CMES thesis. Continue with the current non-renewable energy model will produce great economic losses, as well as serious environmental problems and an increase in global temperature. The solution proposed by the IEA is the transition to renewable energy, but also insists in some solutions wich CMES consider false as carbon capture combined with gas burning .
If you want to know the full content of the report of the IEA can follow the link , or visit the IEA website which also offer all kinds of interesting data concerning energy.


The attached image is an example of the data provided by the website of the IEA , and shows how much energy contained in the energy sources is lost in the conversion proceses (dark gray).