UVA researchers predict global energy supply problems in less than six years

An article published in “El Norte de Castilla” newspaper states that a team of researchers from the University of Valladolid (UVA) has developed a computer model for the prospective analysis of global energy resources which results show that the global energy market will suffer serious tensions between supply and demand between 2020 and 2030.

The study, recently published in Energy, high impact journal, shows that if trends in the global economy does not change drastically, sectors such as transport will struggle to meet its growing energy demand in the next six years (before 2020 ), while sectors such as industrial, residential or electricity may have problems before 2030.

The findings suggest that the confluence of technological advances with important social, political and institutional innovations to enable a transition to a global energy model without serious problems in the global energy supply will be required.

This study confirms the results of own studies developped by CMES, and supports the conclusion that an energy transition to a fully renewable supply should be undertaken immediately as the TE21 proposal for a new energy model supported by CMES.

The energy transition tipping point

Over the last decades, renewable energies have matured, and its operating costs have been reduced.
At the same time the most profitable non-renewable energy sites have been depleted, and therefore its operating costs have increased. This trend is accelerating, and lead us to a tipping point, where the non-renewable energy becomes more expensive than renewable energy, thus eliminating the final barrier to its widespread implementation.
In a fascinating article, Chris Nelder (energy analyst and consultant) presents evidence that this tipping point has been reached, and the large non-renewable energy companies hegemony is about to wane.
As always we invite you to read this article.

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CONDEMNED TO DECREASE (Interview with Antonio Turiel)

PROGRAMA SINGULARS – TV3 – 7 novembre 2012

The physicist and mathematician Antonio Turiel is the guest on Jaume Barbera TV programme. They will talk about the end of fossils energy, and the change of energy and social model. On same line that CMES, Turiel also thinks that to get a sustainable social and energy model the renewables have great potential.

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