Great success of the TE21 presentation in Atlàntida hall of Vic city


Last 5th November our colleague, and vice president of CMES, Ramon Sans presented in Vic city, in the “Atlanta” hall, the Energy Transition for XXI century proposal -TE21-, emerged as result of the analysis of the energy situation and the energy evolution prospects. TE21 poses a gradual replacement of all fossil energy with renewable energy within a few decades, assessing the costs and benefits, and demonstrating that make this transition is possible, and it would be an important economic savings, and also showing that not make it will cause an energy collapse in less than 40 years due to fossil fuels exhaustion.
The presentation aroused much interest, and the hall was almost full, with about 600 attendees.
This interest shown by attendees during and after the talk excited Ramon Sans, particularly because Vic is his hometown.
The talk aroused the attention and interest of the participants, as was specially noted in the Question Time, which revealed the sensitivity and growing concern of the society with regard to both the environmental problem of the current energetic model and the need to tackle a new energetic model.
This talk was one more step in the CMES social communication of our concerns as a collective, and has obtained a social response that invites us to continue our work with more intensity.
After such success, Barbera del Valles has also organized a similar talk scheduled for next 26th May at the Public Library Esteve Paluzie. We invite you to attend this or any of the many talks organized by CMES, which you can know through the agenda of this blog, or through our Facebook.

We also thank Eduard Furro the press release and photographs taken on the occasion of this event.

The energy transition tipping point

Over the last decades, renewable energies have matured, and its operating costs have been reduced.
At the same time the most profitable non-renewable energy sites have been depleted, and therefore its operating costs have increased. This trend is accelerating, and lead us to a tipping point, where the non-renewable energy becomes more expensive than renewable energy, thus eliminating the final barrier to its widespread implementation.
In a fascinating article, Chris Nelder (energy analyst and consultant) presents evidence that this tipping point has been reached, and the large non-renewable energy companies hegemony is about to wane.
As always we invite you to read this article.

Nelder-The energy transition-en

Fracking. Analysis report

From immediate results and questionable projections, diferent political, business and media authorities have presented the shale oil and fracking as a new era of fossil fuels.
From CMES we have proposed a calm, pragmatic and scientific analysis from this new technology, analyzing the pros and cons involved, from the energy, economic and ecological perspective.
As a result of this analysis, we generated a report, available here, where we present the main data available relating to fracking technology, andsome conclusions.
We invite you to see the report yourself and get your own conclusions.

CMES_2014_Fracking (C.Riba)


We present here a new version of the document “21 Century Transition Energy” written by Ramon Sans Rovira. One proposal for a path to a model based on 100% renewable energy, that allows some great advantages like:

  • Back control of energy
  • Reversing the Process of Climate Change
  • Reduce dramatically the bill motivated by the external imports of fossil fuels resolving widely the external debt
  • Overcoming the crises of the Cost of Energy is a leading cause
  • Build-an important increased occupancy

A path which will be more attainable if We give the highest Diffusion, in order to begin it with determination. (Document in catalan)